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Plexiglass is known by various names, such as Plexiglas, Plexiglass, Plexiglas or acrylic glass is a plastic material which successfully replaces glass, as well as all elements where the transparency of the material is required. Thermoplastic and easy to shape are not its only advantages. It is used in advertising, interior design, exhibition, construction and industry. We offer colourless, milky, smoky or black, as well as coloured Plexiglas sheets to size. We also distribute frosted, bi-coloured or projection Plexiglas. 

  • Plexiglas sheets are cut to the dimensions specified by you - every millimetre (max 305x205cm)
  • We send them within 48 hours to the address you specify in your town
  • You save by purchasing directly from the manufacturer

Our advantages:

Precision cut to size.

Thanks to the cut-to-size method, you can easily fit the cut sheets to the intended purpose. Cutting accuracy up to 1 mm on the saw or even up to 0.01 mm on the plotter

Lowest producer price.

We process very large quantities of plexiglass to size, which allows us to sell the material at very attractive prices without the use of substitutes.

25 years

Thanks to our unquestionable experience we can best advise on materials that will meet your expectations. If not Plexiglas then perhaps polycarbonate?


Types of Plexiglas:

Cut to measure - Delivery throughout Poland and Europe!

Customer feedback:

We work every day to adapt to your needs in the best possible way. This approach has resulted in many customer reviews about working with our company. You can read some of them below:

"Shipment well protected, plate cut to size. Everything ok, as ordered."


"I would definitely recommend. I ordered a slab with a non-standard shape. It was cut and shaped superbly. Low cost, excellent quality, fast shipping. Highly recommend!"


"Great customer service, very good quality plastic evenly cut after installation looks like glass. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!"


"The plexiglass actually looks like glass. Cut perfectly. Shipping super fast. I recommend very highly."


"Thank you very much for a successful transaction! The board cut to the dimensions I specified. Very well packaged and fast shipping! Highly recommended!"


"Polycarbonate cut so accurately I didn't think it was possible at all :)"


"A perfect plexi, I have always dreamed of one. Thanks to you my little dream has come true :-)"

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Application of Plexiglas - Plexiglas
We work every day to adapt to your needs in the best possible way. This approach has resulted in many customer reviews about working with our company. You can read some of them below:

Plexiglass, also known as pmma or plexiglass, is a versatile acrylic glass. Popular applications include mainly construction, advertising and interior design, while clear can also be used to make furniture fronts or - interchangeably with solid polycarbonate - for anti-frames. In the automotive industry, Plexiglas is used to make lamps, but it is also increasingly used in architecture. Plexiglass sheets are offered by many manufacturers, who cut acrylic glass to specific dimensions (e.g. A3, A4, A5) and shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, circles, trapeziums, etc.) to meet customer expectations. Cutting can be done with a standard saw as well as with a milling machine or laser. Both thin and thick sheets are available. The thicknesses of the clear version are 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. These types of sheets also have many other applications which you will read about below.

Plexiglas for walls

Clear plexiglass is most often used instead of glass to display photographs and paintings due to its strength. In this case, sheets up to 2 mm thick are cut to size and can also be used in anti-frames. Finishing pieces on which various contents are displayed are becoming increasingly popular. The print can be a multi-colour print, but is always a UV print that is resistant to sunlight. Printing on acrylic glass also allows the material to be used to create displays, furniture, printing photos, pictures or other graphics. Black acrylic can also be used to cut out letters. Such letters can be arranged into any slogan, which will appear as a decoration on the wall of the room.

Where Can Plexiglas Be Used at Home?

Plexiglas is used for backlighting. Durable acrylic glass can be used to create a lampshade for a lamp, which can then be used in areas with high humidity and dirt potential, such as the bathroom or kitchen. In flats, Plexiglas sheets are commonly used as a substitute for interior door glass, most often - added to room doors made of wood, in which a Plexiglas insert is placed to increase the access of light to the interior. Special skylights are also used in front doors, which can be seen in modern private houses for several seasons. The cutting of this material also makes it possible to use Plexiglas of varying thickness in kitchens and bathrooms. Plexiglas panels for kitchens as customised panels are increasingly present as a form of wall protection between cabinets or as the basis for a separate partition wall. An extremely popular solution until recently, in which tiles were laid between standing and hanging cabinets, is now being replaced by photo wallpapers, protected with our material. The popularity of this solution is not only the possibility of more frequent and better cleaning, but also a way to give an individual character to the kitchen interior. There is another interesting possibility of using this material - it can be successfully used as a drum cover (acoustic screen).

Acrylic glass for external facades

Although Plexiglas appears in private housing and construction as a decorative element, used for walls, to create selected types of furniture or appearing in lighting and finishes, it should also not be forgotten that Plexiglas is also used in the finishing of buildings on the outside. Plastic sheet for terraces, balconies or roofs is cut to the size required to fix it well in an external balustrade. The resistance to weathering and corrosion of the material means that organic glass is used for building balcony covers, roofs and for building terraces and gazebos. Balcony balustrades are usually filled with opaque material, usually milky or smoked. In this way you can build a durable partition and shield yourself from the neighbours. This type of material is also chosen because the panels can be easily installed. Transparent panels will imitate glass and are suitable for terraces, providing plenty of light. Satin acrylic, on the other hand, is ideal for south-facing balconies and terraces, where it is important to slightly reduce the amount of sunlight.

Order customised Plexiglas

The vast majority of people do not know where to buy plexiglass. A large part of them contact directly either the producer or the wholesaler offering sales of various types of construction and finishing materials. Some of them, not knowing how much plexiglass costs, look for it on Allegro, Olx or try to buy it in shops or markets such as Castorama, Obi, Bricomarche or Bricoman, but it is often not easily available there. The manufacturer is able to cheaply carry out any order, both for large and small formats. Very often they also offer cutting, milling, polishing, gluing, engraving and other types of processing, which translates into versatility of use of the finished plastic panel. Bending, in turn, will be useful when ordering items with unusual shapes. Wholesale Plexiglass often cooperates with acrylic glass manufacturers, so when you buy a product through our wholesaler, you can take advantage of the attractive price list applied by the manufacturer and purchase the material at a low price per square metre (m2). We invite you to cooperation!

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Features and benefits of Plexiglas / Plexiglas

Plexiglas - Plexiglas pattern book

Plexiglass processing

We work every day to adapt to your needs in the best possible way. This approach has resulted in many customer reviews about working with our company. You can read some of them below:

Demanding CNC machining of Plexiglas

Plexiglass is a very popular material which is currently used in many areas. Definitely, its processing is not too difficult, but when deciding on such a solution, it is worth trusting specialists in this field.

Customised Plexiglas bonding

These days, plastics have almost taken over the world. We cannot imagine life without them nowadays. One of the most commonly used polymers is certainly Plexiglas. Plexiglas is nothing other than polymethyl methacrylate. It is a colourless, rigid but thermoplastic material. This makes it very easy to process or shape mechanically.


The aforementioned Plexiglas may also be freely combined. However, in order to glue Plexiglas together, it is necessary to use an appropriate glue, which permanently and, above all, very firmly joins the layers of individual polymers together. Bonding Plexiglas is not difficult, provided you have the right tools.


Indeed, Plexiglas is a material that is very commonly used on the market. However, when deciding to purchase it, one should bear in mind that its processing requires the use of specialised tools, as well as knowledge of appropriate techniques. Therefore, although Warsaw is a large city and you can easily find appropriate specialists for this type of service, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer today. We are characterised by high quality service, because we approach each order completely individually. In addition, Plexiglas bonding, for example, is performed by really experienced specialists in this field.

Customised Plexiglas engraving

Plexiglas, or Plexiglas as it is also popularly known, is used, among other things, in the manufacture of windows and aircraft, as well as ships and other vehicles. Plexiglas is also used in the production of reflectors, statues and gadgets.

Plexiglas is definitely a material that has been gaining popularity for a long time. It is a polymer that is not only highly durable and rigid, but can also be processed. This is undoubtedly a very big advantage, because thanks to the fact that it is, for example, a thermoplastic, we can make engravings on it without disturbing its structure. Plexiglas engraving is a very popular method of decorating this material as it can be used to make a wide variety of things and can often be used as personalised gifts.

Warsaw is certainly a large city where you can find this type of service. However, we would like to invite you to our company today, as for years Plexiglas has been the material in which we make various types of engravings.

How to order?

We work every day to adapt to your needs in the best possible way. This approach has resulted in many customer reviews about working with our company. You can read some of them below:

1 - Step one:

Contact us! Describe what you need or what requirements it has to meet. Critical conditions are also important to us, i.e. what needs to be fulfilled for your project to be completed as expected.

This can be a very short and specific message such as:

1.       2 mm thick clear Plexiglas with dimensions 40 cm x 50 cm cut with a saw - 2 pieces

2.       Double-sided panel 220 cm x 60 cm, frame painted mat black, top mounted to the ceiling, fluorescent tube lighting - graphic design attached

3.       Billboard measuring 1.5m by 0.8m mounted on 6 spacers. The backing is 4mm thick white dibond with direct printing - the design is attached below.

4.       Stand made of 8 mm thick Plexiglas. One bend 50 cm from the shorter edge to form the letter L. Exact dimensions and a sketch attached.


However, if you don't have a clear and straightforward design, you can always write to us with your enquiry. Outline what you want to use the plastic for and whether it should be transparent, lightweight or flexible and we will come back with an answer and a suggested solution!

2 - Step two:

If the design is clear and uncomplicated, you will receive a quote at this stage. If the design is mutually agreeable and confirmed, you will need to send us the necessary data to issue an order or invoice. On the basis of accepting the costs and paying the order/invoice we proceed to work. Each product is made individually to order according to customer requirements.



Otherwise, we ask about the project and its requirements, and then usually present several options with one suggested approach. This approach allows us to tailor a solution to you! There are a multitude of possibilities and techniques for cutting, engraving, die-cutting, printing, gluing, all of which, with the wide availability of plastics and foils, creates a virtually limitless range of possibilities

3 - Step three:

The last step is to pack and send the parcel to you, of which you will be informed. Normally all parcels are delivered within 24 hours. In the case of larger sizes or weight we have the option to deliver the goods with our own transport to the address indicated!The last step is to pack and send the parcel to you, of which you will be informed. Normally all parcels are delivered within 24 hours. In the case of larger sizes or weight we have the option to deliver the goods with our own transport to the address indicated!


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